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The Genetics you need to grow mushrooms

Spore Syringe Mushroom Grow Kit

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Brand: Spores Lab

Are you looking to get started growing magic mushrooms? This kit contains almost everything you will need (with the exception of a fruiting container) in order to begin growing mushrooms!

This mushroom grow kit can be used in conjunction with our mushroom growing tutorials, but also comes with a detailed 14 page instruction manual (emailed to you after checkout) in order to make growing as simple and straightforward as possible! The only piece of equipment you will need to use kit is a pressure cooker or instapot to sterilize the spawn medium.

The Spawn Jar (included in the kit) will need to have the medium inside hydrated and sterilized, then be injected with the Mushroom Spore Syringe (included in the kit) and allowed to colonize for 2-3 weeks. (see our tutorials or the manual emailed to you after checkout for instruction on hydrating, sterilizing and colonizing).

Once the spawn jar is colonized, its contents can be mixed with the mushroom fruiting substrate (included in the kit) in a container you purchase separately (we recommend a container about 15L in size). This container then needs to colonize for 7-10 days. (see our tutorials or the manual emailed after checkout for instruction on this)

Once your Fruiting container is colonized, change the environmental conditions by adding light, airflow, and increasing humidity, and after about 1 week in these conditions mushrooms will begin to grow! (see this page or the manual emailed after checkout for more details on fruiting conditions)


1x Mushroom Spawning Jar (with inoculation/filter ports in the lid)

350 grams MYCO-PRO™️ Mushroom Spawn Medium

1x Mushroom Spore Syringe

1 kg MYCO-PRO™️ Mushroom Fruiting Medium

1x Mister Spray Bottle

1x Lysol Disinfectant Spray

50g Hi-loft Polyfil

5x Surgical Facemasks

5x Nitrile Gloves

Detailed Instruction Manual (emailed after checkout)

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