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  • Are shipping timelines guaranteed?
    No. We receive the expected arrival date of your shipment from the shipping agent and are not responsible for delays. Delays can and do occur during holidays, such as Long Weekends, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the Christmas holiday season. We will not reimburse shipping costs if the order is delayed during any of the above mentioned.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship within Canada. We are unable to ship outside of Canada. Customers can chose 3 levels of Canada Post service, and are required to provide a Canada Post Flex Address during winter months to ensure that the orders are protected from freezing conditions.
  • Are Spores-Lab products legal?
    Our products are 100% legal at the time of sale. The Canadian CDSA, and the UN Psychotropic Substances Act do not extend the prohibition of Psilocybin to mushroom mycelium, and no Psilocybin is contained in Psilocybe Spores. Using our products to cultivate Psilocybe mushrooms IS illegal.
  • Winter shipping method
    During the Winter months, customers must provide a Canada Post Flex Address to ship to. This is a free service that ensures that the contents of your order will not be left to freeze in community mailboxes or on front porches.
  • Do you offer Psilocybe species other than Cubensis?
    No, we only offer genetics of the Cubensis species. This species is significantly easier to cultivate indoors than others in the Psilocybe Genus.
  • Do you offer Bulk Spawn?
    Yes! Please send us a message using the contact form, or send an email to - to inquire about a bulk spawn order. Typically bulk spawn orders have a 4 week lead time.
  • Where can I learn more about Psilocybe mushrooms?
    Psilopedia is one of the most comprehensive resources online. They have curated information on many aspects of psilocybe mushrooms, like the pharmacodynamics behind psilocybin metabolism, current/concluded/planned studies/clinical trials involving psilocybin, effects at both macro/micro dosage, and also offer a detailed strain/specie catalog. If you want to know more about growing Psilocybe mushrooms, you are in the right place already 😉
  • How long will it take to grow mushrooms?
    This will vary significantly depending on a number of factors. Using a Spore print/syringe, it will take 3-6 weeks for the mushroom myceliium to colonize a 1L mason jar. We recommend not using a spore syringe to inoculate 3T bags. Using an Agar culture will cut approximately 2 weeks off of the colonization process. A 1L mason jar will colonize from agar in approximately 2-4 weeks, and a 3T bag will colonize from agar in 3-6 weeks. At this point the colonized medium should be mixed with 'fruiting medium' which takes another 7-10 days to colonize. At this point environmental conditions are changed to trigger fruiting. Mushrooms will begin to grow about 1 week after fruiting conditions are initatied. So, depending on your method of inoculation the entire process will take up to 2 months before mushrooms can be harvested.
  • Are your Jars sold pre-sterilized?
    Our grain jars are sold dry and unsterilized, but filled with the correct amount of medium. You will need to add water, soak for 18-24hrs, and sterilize (check out our tutorials to learn the proper sterilization process). Once sterilized you should incoculate within 24hrs.
  • How long are Psilocybe genetic products viable for?
    Spore Prints are viable for up to 10 years, possibly longer. Spore Syringes are viable for 10-12 months, and should be stored refrigerated. Agar cultures are viable for ~ 2 months with refrigeration, or ~ 1 month at room temp. (from the date of inoculation, which is written on each petri dish)
  • How many Jars/Bags will a Spore Syringe/Agar culture inoculate?
    If using a Spore Syringe, we recommend inocualting a 1L mason jar with AT LEAST 5mL of spore solution. (we do not recommend inoculating T3 bags from syringe). Spore syringes are sold in 10mL units. If using an Agar Culture, we recommend inoculating a 1L mason jar with 1/2 of the agar petri dish, or inoculating a T3 bag with one entire petri dish. You can inoculate with more spore solution/culture than listed above, and this will result in faster colonization.
  • Whats the difference between bags and jars?
    Colonizing in jars is the easiest and quickest way to grow mushrooms. We recommend beginners to start with jars because they colonize faster (therefore produce mushrooms quicker), are less suseptible to contamination, and require less sterilization time. Bags take longer to colonize (because there is usually more medium in a bag), however are significantly cheaper and better suited to bulk-cultivation. (we recommend not using bags unless you have a laminar flow hood) We also offer pre-inoculated injection port jar lids for error-proof inoculation.
  • How do I access your video tutorials?
    You can access our step-by-step tutorials for free on our Resources Page
  • Is payment/shipping discreet?
    Yes! We discreetly package all shipments in plain brown boxes, with temperature controls (when necessary), and no external logos or stickers. Payment's are processed by our benignly named parent company and show no mention of Psilocybe mushrooms.
  • Do you offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders?
    Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing on large orders. Typically our discounts start at orders with over 10 units of genetic products. Please contact us for details. Bulk discounts vary by season and product availability.
  • Why should I choose Spores-Lab?
    We have nearly a decade of experience cultivating Psilocybin mushrooms, and over this time have performed the research, testing, and development nescessary to perfect the process. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, superior quality genetics, easy to use products, exceptional customer service, and are proudly Canadian. We have a dedicated customer service team with several mycology experts ready to answer any question you may have. All of our mushroom cultures have been isolated and refined over several years, propagating beneficial traits like increased yeild, even pinset, and resistance to contamination. If you are Canadian, and don't want to be subject to the scrutiny of international shipping, Spores Lab is your best option.

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