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Myco-Consultation Services

On a limited and location dependant basis Spores-Lab provides consultation services wherein we can teach you our proven methods for the construction, maintenance, & operation of commercial scale growing facilities  

- Not for Psilocybe species -


Spores Lab can also supply isolate mushroom spawn in bulk for your growing operation. Send us a message if you are interested in spawn on a large scale. Large spawn orders typically have a 6 to 8 week lead time, and can be filled depending on your location.  These orders do not ship in extreme heat or cold.

We have worked with clients to construct and operate mushroom growing facilities ranging from 1000 to 6,000+ square feet. We have also done the legwork in order to offer commercial operations the best possible pricing on raw materials/supplies, and many of the integral pieces of equipment necessary to cultivate (like Sterilizers and HEPA filters).

Leverage our knowledge regarding the construction of contamination free "cleanroom" areas, spawn/substrate sterilization, and making/propagating liquid/agar cultures to save your growing operation time and money.

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