Consultation Services

On a limited basis Spores-Lab will provide consultation services for the construction, maintenance, and operation of commercial scale facilities. These contracts and fees associated are negotiated on an individual basis, based on the location, size, and output goals.


We will leverage our knowledge regarding the construction of contamination free "cleanroom" areas, spawn/substrate sterilization, and making/propagating liquid cultures/agar cultures. We will also provide you with our tried & tested Agar, Liquid Culture, and Substrate formula's for propagating vigorous, contamination-resistant, and heavy-yielding psilocybe mushroom cultures at scale.


We have worked with several clients to construct and operate cleanroom facilities ranging from 1000 to 6,000+ square feet. We have done the "legwork" in order to offer commercial operations the best possible pricing on viable, strong psilocybe cultures, raw materials/supplies, and many of the integral pieces of equipment necessary to cultivate.

Please contact us if you wish to cultivate commercially. 




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