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Self-healing Injection/Inoculation Ports

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These heavy duty rubber self-healing inoculation ports are fully autoclavable (pressure cooker safe) and are good for dozens of repeated injections. Use these ports to make your own injection port lids out of regular canning jar lids.

Insert a mushroom liquid culture syringe or mushroom spore syringe through the injection port to propagate your culture into a jar of sterilized medium. These ports make inoculation error-proof!


Drill a 15/32″ or 1/2″ hole in a canning lid and insert port snugly into the hole. To be even more sure of an airtight fit, seal with high-heat RTV silicone. (It’s best to drill a smaller 1/4″ hole first, then expand to the larger bit size.)


Heavy duty self-healing injection port w/deep well

13 mm diameter opening

9/16″ across the top and and 9/16″ top to bottom.

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