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PSILO-Q Potency Testing Kit

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Have you ever wondered what the potency of your mushrooms is? Spores-Lab has teamed up with Miraculix-Lab to offer Canadians access to the first ever Psilocybin mushroom home testing kit!

When researching any tryptamine-containing mushroom for any purpose, it is vital to possess accurate data regarding the percentage tryptamine content. This data allows you to not only document your cultivation research efforts, and better quantify the ideal dose for you.

The PSILO-Q test kit is able to accurately determine the tryptamine content of psilocybin-containing mushrooms to a degree of accuracy within 10% of HPLC testing! This test is performed in under 1/2 hour, and requires only 150mg of starting material.


  • Preparation: Crush dried mushroom material. Weigh out approx 150 mg of starting material.
  • Extraction: Add weighed starting material to the supplied extraction liquid (yellowish liquid in translucent plastic bottle)
  • Detection: Use the sterile syringe/needle to take up extraction solution, and add it to the detection solution (the clear liquid in glass bottle)
  • Evaluation: Allow color complex to develop (over about 1/2 hour) and evaluate with evaluation scale.


1x Sterile syringe

1x Sterile needle

1x Bottle of extraction solution (yellow/orange)

1x Bottle of detection solution (clear)

1x Nitrile gloves

Paper instruction manual

Watch this 1 minute instructional video to see how to use the Miraculix PSILO-Q Test kit

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