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Master Culture Mushroom Grow Kit

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Are you looking for the absolute fastest and easiest way to get started growing magic mushrooms? If so, the Spores Lab Master Culture grow kit is the product for you!

This grow kit contains everything you will need to grow mushrooms as quickly and easily as possible, and DOES NOT require you to have a pressure cooker!

Use this mushroom grow kit in conjunction with our mushroom growing tutorials to make the mushroom growing process as simple as possible! This grow kit also comes with a detailed 10 page instruction manual (downloadable after checkout)


The Mushroom Spawn in this kit is ready to be mixed with the fruiting medium (included) as soon as you receive it, however you must first hydrate and pasteurize the fruiting medium. (see our tutorials or the manual received by email for further instruction on this)

Once you mix the spawn and fruiting medium together in the growing container provided you must let it colonize for about one week (until the surface of the mixture is completely white), then change the environmental conditions by adding light, airflow, and increasing humidity (using the materials provided in the kit). After about 1 week in these conditions mushrooms will begin to grow! (see this page or the manual emailed after checkout for more details on fruiting conditions).


1x Fully Colonized Master Culture (mushroom spawn)

15L Plastic Growing Chamber

1 kg MYCO-PRO™️ Mushroom Fruiting Medium

1x Mister Spray Bottle

1x Lysol Disinfectant Spray

50g Hi-loft Polyfil

5x Surgical Facemasks

5x Nitrile Gloves

Detailed Instruction Manual (emailed after checkout)

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