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Digital Scale 0.01g Accuracy

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In order to precisely measure ingredients when making agar or liquid cultures a scale of high accuracy is needed.

This WELLiSH brand scale accurately measures to the thousandth of a gram, and is designed with flat surfaces and rounded edges to mitigate the buildup and spread of contaminants.


  • High Precision- This analytical electonic balance scale can measure up to 5000g with a 0.01g accuracy resolution, suitable for rapidly determining the quality and quantity of the objects in industrial, agricultural, business, commercial, schools, pharmacy and scientific institutions.
  • Intelligent Design - An intelligent balance composed of high stability sensors and a large backlit LCD which provides clear visibility of weighing results. This scale is also designed with the Laboratory in mind, and features rounded edges and flat surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Multi-Function - Scientific precision lab scale has tare function, self correcting, memory, counting, unit conversion, manual calibration, fault display.


Dimensions - 8.0'' x 9.6' 'x 2.3" (20.32 x 24.38 x 5.84cm)

Net weight - 4.4lb (2kg)

Weighing Range - 0.01g-5000g

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