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Our Psilocybe Cubensis genetics are offered in a variety of formats in order to meet the needs of any customer. Each format has strengths and drawbacks, which are explained below.



Spore Prints are viable for up to 10 years, however should be hydrated and drawn into a spore syringe prior to inoculation to increase the chances of successful spore germination. Buy a Spore Print if you want to preserve this genetic for years to come.


Spore Syringes are viable for 8-12 months, and offer the easiest/most error proof method of inoculation (when combined with an inoculation/filter port container lid). Spore Syringes are the recommended method of inoculation for beginner cultivators. Buy a Spore Syringe if you are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to grow mushrooms.


Agar Cultures are viable for 1-2 months, and offer significantly faster colonization speed, greater yield, increased resistance to contamination, and more consistency in the fruiting bodies (mushrooms) that are produced. This is because Agar cultures possess a narrow genetic profile that has been selectively isolated to propagate beneficial traits like those described above. Buy an Agar Culture if you are looking for a cost effective way to grow high-quality, high-potency, and consistent mushrooms.


Mushroom Spawn (Master Culture) is viable for 1-2 weeks after receiving, and allows you to skip the hardest part of the mushroom growing process (which is grain colonization). Our Mushroom Spawn is all grown from isolate cultures, and will reliably produce dense flushes of large, potent, and consistent mushrooms (if the correct environmental conditions are provided). Buy Mushroom Spawn if you want the fastest & easiest (however not the cheapest) way to grow mushrooms.





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