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Max Yield Mushroom Growing Bin

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Are you interested in growing mushrooms using the monotub method and looking for the perfect container to grow in? Look no further! The Max Yield Bin is a revolutionary piece of mushroom growing equipment that makes growing mushrooms simple, fast, and effective. With a built-in design to facilitate the perfect amount of airflow and humidity exchange, the Max Yield Bin comes ready-to-use.

Features include:

- Strong, tight-fitting latches on both ends of the bin that keep the lid secure at all times.

- Light-blocking base that prevents mushrooms from growing on the sides or bottom of the bin.

- Innovative design to maximize efficiency and regulate airflow and humidity.

- Light, compact, and storable. Bin base and lid can be stacked together for storage purposes.

- Made in Canada.

Forget your dusty old shoeboxes and those clear plastic bins that result in side pins, it's time to step up your mushroom growing game with a Max Yield Bin!

Dimensions - 22.5" x 15.5" x 12"

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