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The Genetics you need to grow mushrooms

MYCO-PRO™ Mushroom Fruiting Medium

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Brand: Spores Lab

MYCO-PRO™ Mushroom Fruiting medium consists of a Vermiculite/coconut coir base, with several other proprietary additives which provide the optimal water-retention capacity, nutrient profile, and pH level for prolific fungal growth.

This blend of ingredients has been developed over years of experimentation, and has been lab tested. Test results confirmed that even after 4 dense flushes of mushroom fruiting bodies the medium still contained ample nutrients/minerals, and pH values well within the accepted rage for optimal fungal growth.

This fruiting medium can be mixed with colonized spawn (like one of our master cultures) to form a fruiting substrate that contains the nutrients and water-retention capacity necessary to produce multiple flushes of large fruiting bodies.

MYCO-PRO™ Mushroom Fruiting Medium is sold in a Type 14A 0.5 micron filter patch, autoclavable Unicorn Brand mushroom grow bag.




Medium Grind Vermiculite

Expanded Coconut Coir

Spaghum Peat Moss

Worm Castings

CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate)

Total Weight - 2.5kg


Add 1.25L of water for every 1kg of dry medium, and mix well.

Add water as needed until "field capacity" is reached (the mixture drips when lightly squeezed).

Pasteurize in a conventional oven @180 Degrees Fahrenheit for 6 hours, OR Sterilize at 15PSI/265F for 90 minutes.

Let cool, mix with colonized mushroom spawn, and incubate for 7-10 days. See out tutorials for more in-depth instructions!

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