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MYCO-PRO™ Insect Frass

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MYCO-PRO™ Insect Frass can be used as an additive to Liquid Cultures, Agar Petri Dishes, and Spawn mediums to promote vigorous, aggresive mycelial growth of "dung-loving" mushroom species.

Insect Frass provides a plethora of nutrients, minerals, and microogranisms which aid the health of mycelial cultures. Spores Lab adds insect frass to our in-house Liquid Cultures, Agar Petri dishes, and spawn medium, with excellent results.

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Add 1 gram of MYCO-PRO™ Insect Frass to a 1000mL Liquid Culture recipe

Add 5 grams of MYCO-PRO™ Insect Frass to a 1000mL Agar Petri Dish recipe (enough for ~ 40 agar Petri dishes)

Add 10 grams of MYCO-PRO™ Insect Frass for every 2.5kg of spawn medium (add insect frass to the water while the medium is soaking)


Soldier Fly Excrement (frass)


Container Dimensions - 9 x 9 x 9.5cm

Weight - 454 grams (1lb)

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